Verse 13



13. All the Kaurava generals respond to Bhisma’s clarion call and blow their respective instruments to signify the beginning of the battle. The collective noise from the conches, kettledrums, drums, tabors and cowhorns was deafening.

The noise and disturbance described here are an external depiction of internal agitation. Dhrtarastra represents the mind which is in stress. Desire, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and envy are the six enemies that destroy your peace of mind. The mind persists with selfishness and ego in spite of the suffering that it brings.


Verse 14



14. Vyasa introduces Krsna in this verse. Madhava, Krsna, and Pandava, Arjuna, were sitting in the majestic chariot gifted by Agni. It was drawn by four horses from among the hundred celestial horses given by King Chitraratha.

Krsna and Arjuna accepted Bhisma’s challenge and blew their divine conches. The majesty and divinity of Krsna was transmitted to everything around Him so the chariot and conches are described as majestic and divine respectively.

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