Verse 21-22



21 – 22. Arjuna asks Krsna to drive him between the two armies to enable him to see those who have assembled there to fight. The entire Bhagavad Gita is given between the two forces. As Adi Sankaracarya says – Punya apunya vivarjita pantha – the path between virtue and vice. Desire-driven unselfish actions acquire punya, merit. The action results in more positive desires. Actions backed by selfish desires backfires as papa, sin, or more selfish desires. Actions dedicated to a higher ideal and driven by the intellect eliminate desires.

So the need of the hour is the restoration, rehabilitation and revival of the intellect. This is achieved by exercising the intellect. Think, enquire, question. What is your mission in life? Why were you born? How are you achieving your goal? A life driven by mere impulse leads you astray. With a well developed intellect you will be able to face the challenges of life and emerge victorious.

We are all trying to fight something out there. That is where our attention is. The focus should be on us and our obligations, not the world.


Verse 23



23. Arjuna’s attention is on the Kaurava forces. He is being judgmental. What matters is – what is his duty? Similarly if all of us fulfil our obligations the world will take care of itself.

Arjuna is smarting from Duryodhana’s evil conduct. Duryodhana had persecuted the Pandavas and committed atrocious acts against them. Arjuna makes a sweeping statement that the Kaurava forces had gathered to please ‘the wicked son of Dhrtarastra’. Bhisma and Dronacarya were not there to pander to Duryodhana but to do their duty.

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