Verse 5



5. Duryodhana speaks of some more Pandava warriors as ‘excellent men’. They are:

Drstaketu – King of the Cedis. He was the son of Sisupala and died at the hands of Dronacarya.

Cekitana – A Yadava prince who was Commander of a Pandava Aksauhini. Duryodhana himself killed him.

Kasiraja – King of Kasi. A valiant hero and maharatha.

Kuntibhoja – A Yadava prince and king of the Kuntis who was childless and adopted Kunti, also known as Prtha.

Purujit – Kuntibhoja’s brother.

Saibya – King of the Sibis, known for his generosity and character. His daughter Devika was married to Yudhisthira.


Verse 6



6. Duryodhana wraps up his enumeration of the Pandava heroes with these names:

Yudhamanyu and Uttamauja – Royal brothers from the Pancala kingdom.

Saubhadra – Son of Subhadra, Krsna’s sister, and Arjuna. He was named Abhimanyu because he appeared heroic and fiery even at birth. During the Mahabharata war, the Kauravas decided to get into the Chakravyuha formation, knowing that the only person who could deal with it was Arjuna, who was away. The brave Abhimanyu entered the chakravyuha which he had learnt from Arjuna. He killed several warriors and was a match even for veterans like Dronacarya and Karna. However, the Pandavas did not support him and he was unable to hold out on his own against fearful odds. He was brutally killed in the end. He had two wives – Vatsala, the daughter of Balarama, and Uttara, daughter of the king of Virata. Uttara was pregnant when Abhimanyu was killed and her son Pariksita succeeded Yudhisthira to the Hastinapura throne.

Draupadeyah – Draupadi’s sons. Draupadi was the daughter of Drupada, king of the Pancalas. She was won by Arjuna at her Svayamvara ceremony. When the Pandavas returned with her and told their mother Kunti of Arjuna’s victory she told them to share the conquest among them without knowing what it was. Draupadi thus became the wife of all five brothers and had a son from each of them. They were –

Prativindhya from Yudhisthira, Srutasoma from Bhima, Srutakarma from Arjuna, Satanika from Nakula and Srutasena from Sahadeva.

Asvatthama killed them all to avenge the death of Dronacarya.

Duryodhana refers to all these warriors as great maharathas and is afraid of facing them in battle.

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