Verse 9



9. Duryodhana ends his listing by including many other heroes. However, he claims they are giving up their lives for his sake! They had all gathered in support of their role models Bhisma and Drona and not for Duryodhana.

Duryodhana makes an exhaustive mention of the Pandava warriors while mentioning only seven warriors from their side. This is one more sign of his insecurity and fear of impending defeat.


Verse 10



10. Now Duryodhana boasts that his army, led by Bhisma, is unlimited while the Pandava army, led by a vastly inferior Bhima, is limited. His ego and arrogance are at play.

However, the word ‘aparyaptam’ has another meaning – insufficient. By using this word Vyasa has cleverly indicated the underlying fear that Duryodhana is feeling. In spite of having an army that is almost 1.5 times stronger than the Pandavas’ army he still feels it is insufficient. This is due to his unrighteous, cruel and destructive behavior. Duryodhana refers to all these warriors as great maharathas and is afraid of facing them in battle.

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