Verse 29



29. Atman is present everywhere but is hidden, mysterious. You cannot see It but you can realise and become Atman. Atman pervades the universe and exists beyond, in the unmanifest form.

You cannot contact Atman with the body, mind and intellect. Atman cannot be seen or heard, felt or conceived. But you can marvel at Its manifestations. A person at a low level of spiritual development needs a spectacular expression like Mount Everest to feel inspired. It is like the earliest dial up internet connection. A slightly more evolved person feels the Divine in a sunrise or sunset, a thickly wooded forest or an inspiring expression of nature. This is like having a cable connection. A spiritually awakened person needs to see only a butterfly or a flower to get inspired. This is like having a broadband connection. At the highest level an Enlightened person needs no expression. S/he is constantly attuned to the Divine. This is like WiFi!

There are miracles happening around us all the time yet we miss them because of the obsession with ‘self’. Train yourself to marvel at the power in an atom, the seamless exchange of gases that takes place when you take a breath, the digestion process, how the body maintains a constant temperature even in extreme conditions outside, and a million other things that are happening around you. Then you will get into a state of constant wonderment. This leads to detachment. To the extent you are attached to Atman to that degree you are detached from the world and all that’s happening here. Then you begin to see the properties of Brahman reflected in the world. You align with Brahman. Then you become Brahman.


Verse 30



30. In this verse Krsna concludes that there is no place for grief in life. He begins by saying in verse 11 saying that the wise grieve neither for the dead nor for the living. Later in verses 25 through 28 He again says ‘Do not grieve’. Now He says Atman can never be killed. Hence you should not mourn for any being. Krsna repeats the message so often because the whole world is steeped in sorrow. You camouflage it. Joy and cheer is possible only when you are unselfish. The law is that all selfish people are unhappy. To be happy you must find a way to become unselfish. Set aside your problems and focus on a cause beyond yourself. You will find that your problems resolve by themselves and you find happiness.

The word ‘dehi’ can mean either subtle body – mind, intellect and vasanas or Atman. Both do not perish on death. Only the physical body changes. You mourn because of attachment. If you view the situation from the other person’s point of view you will understand that s/he has moved on to a better life. Atman is indestructible. So what are you mourning for?

The nature of the mind is that it gets attached to whatever it comes in contact with. Then you create wrong relationships. Instead focus on your obligations. Do what you ought to do. Become objective. Then you will relate correctly with people. With an intellectual person you have a stimulating conversation. You talk about fashion with non-thinkers. Then you will have no problems in life.

When you are not objective and someone is nasty with you, he moves on. You allow it to fester in you. You become weak and distressed. You have no control over what others say to you. But you can determine how you view it. If you are objective you will understand here is a person who is highly disturbed and you happened to come in the way so you became the recipient of his bad temper. You can decide to dismiss it instead of harbouring it. Then you are fine!

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