Verse 5



5. This verse indicates Arjuna’s turmoil. He concludes he would rather beg for a living than kill his respected elders Bhisma and Drona.

This is rajasika or false renunciation where you give up a thing because of the associated pain. When the agony is removed the desire comes back. Arjuna is afraid his enjoyment would be marred by the blood of Bhisma and Drona. Arjuna is a warrior. A warrior’s nature is not one of submission and beggary! Yet he speaks of begging as a viable alternative because of utter confusion.

Before the war began Yuddhisthira had appealed to Bhisma and Drona to either come over to the Pandava camp or remain neutral. They had both said they had no choice but to fight for the Kauravas as they were their subjects and it was their duty to remain with Duryodhana.

It was now time for Arjuna to fulfil his responsibility as a prince and warrior to uphold righteousness and restore order in the state. A leader cannot allow personal relationships to come in the way of dharma duty.


Verse 6



6. Arjuna is now in doubt. Earlier he seemed to be decided on not fighting. Impulsive people who function on the whims and fancies of the mind are indecisive. They constantly change their opinions.

Arjuna is flitting to the past, his relationship with Bhisma and Drona. And he thinks of future enjoyments. He is not concerned with the present action. He needs to focus on his present obligation and give his best to it.

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