Verse 11



11. When you work for a higher cause you will be blessed by the cause. You will grow to greater heights of awareness and achievement. As you achieve the goal your vision shifts to a still higher goal. Thus you keep moving to higher goals till you reach the final destination of Self Realisation.

The first step is to move from selfish to unselfish. Even to fulfil a selfish end you need to include others. An organization must have sound HR policies to run smoothly. As you work towards this you begin to develop genuine feelings for others. You develop pride in the company, the focus shifts from self to the organization. Then you start engaging in philanthropy. Thus as you think the goal expands to include a larger cross section of people.


Verse 12



12. In the first line Krsna underscores the fact that when you work for a higher goal you prosper. You become the greatest beneficiary of your sacrifice.

If you enjoy the benefits bestowed on you without giving back you are a thief! At first reading you think you do not fall in this category – you have not stolen ever. But as you think you become aware of the thousands and millions of blessings you have received in life. Have you paid for the sun’s energy, the fragrance of flowers, the oxygen you breathe, the heart, liver and kidneys that function meticulously? Have you so much as paused to be aware and grateful for all of this and more? You are so busy complaining of the imaginary lacunae in your life and so obsessed with chasing after desires you have neither time nor inclination to look at what you already have. Shift your focus and you understand you are a hopeless debtor and that you owe so much to some Divine Power that has blessed you with abundance. You then develop the irresistible urge to give back, contribute, serve. You can never pay for the breathtaking abundance you have been blessed with but you can at least be grateful. Then your life changes!

Krsna describes the tamasika person in this verse. One who enjoys benefits without so much as a thought of repaying. He deals with the rajasika and sattvika in the next verse.

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