Verse 21



21. Here Krsna speaks of being harmonious with the inner state.

Nirasi – Without expectations. The intellect is not scheming and planning to fulfil desires. The focus is on the higher and actions are channelised to that goal. So the body does not chase after sensual pleasures, the mind does not crave for emotional satisfaction and the intellect does not yearn for academic delights.

Yatacittatma – Body and mind controlled. When the mind is engaged with the higher you are naturally self-controlled, not operating on likes and dislikes. When there is no sense control and the mind goes berserk you create problems.

Tyaktasarvaparigraha – having abandoned all possessions. It is not possessions but possessiveness that you need to give up. You acquire objects and enter into relationships in order to enjoy them. But possessiveness robs you of the pleasure. Possess the whole world but maintain a dispossessive attitude towards it. Then you will enjoy what you possess fully. You miss the splendour and magnificence of renunciation when you just drop possessions. Besides it leads to frustration and bitterness.

There are three types of actions –
Selfish actions – actions directed to the well being of only your body, mind and intellect.
Unselfish actions – you accomodate the interests of others as well as your own.
Selfless actions are directed towards Enlightenment.

Then you do not incur sin – actions carry on but they do not rebound on you as more vasanas. Vasanas create mental agitation which is sinful.


Verse 22



22. This verse deals with harmonizing with the effects of action and the environment.

Santushta – Supremely content with whatever comes to you as a result of your actions. A tamasika person makes no effort. The rajasika one makes effort but gets stressed out. A sattvika person makes enormous effort but the mind is at peace so he achieves success effortlessly, without stress. He merely gains merit. Success seeks merit. He seeks spiritual goals. Material wealth comes to him unsought.

Dvandvatita – Risen above pairs of opposites at the physical level. He does not operate on likes and dislikes and understands the world as change, pairs of opposites. He is unaffected by the changes in the world as he is established in the higher.

Vimatsara – Free from envy at the emotional level. He feels love for all beings and does not entertain negative feelings.

Sama siddha asiddha – Equal to success and failure at the intellectual plane. The attention is on the action which is performed wholeheartedly, dedicatedly. He finds fulfillment in the action itself. There is no anxiety for the fruit.

Thus existing vasanas get exhausted and no further vasanas are added. Actions purify him.

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