Verse 3



3. Arjuna has not fully understood Verse 2 so Krsna elaborates on it. He gives two reasons for giving this timeless knowledge to Arjuna. Arjuna is His

1. Bhakta devotee. He had totally surrendered to Krsna and asked for help in the second chapter. The teacher is then obliged to give the knowledge.

2. Sakha friend. Krsna and Arjuna were close friends since childhood. As a friend Arjuna has confidence in Him and is open to new ideas, keen to learn.

Thus Arjuna meets with the two qualifications a disciple needs to have and Krsna is set to give him the supreme secret. Supreme as it is the highest and best knowledge with which one knows everything that needs to be known. Secret because it is beyond the scope of the intellect. It is unknown and profound.

Power can be tamed by external authority where the law reins in people in positions of power. Here it is byAtmabalam, the authority of Atman. This is achieved by buddhibalam, the strength of the intellect. It results inbahubalam, a healthy body. A good leader inspires the followers to unfold their infinite potential and become greater than they can visualize.


Verse 4



4. Arjuna asks a question and addresses Krsna as bhavata and twam. Bhavata is a respectful address while one saystwam to a friend. It is like saying aap and tum in Hindi while speaking to the same person! Arjuna acknowledges that Krsna is his guru as well as friend.

Arjuna views Krsna as a limited individual like any other person and is oblivious to the fact that He is an avatar, realized at birth! He has transcended the body, mind and intellect and become one with Atman. So when He says ‘I’ He means Atman and not the physical-emotional-intellectual personality.

In fact whenever there is any spiritual interaction it is Atman that communicates. You can teach only to the extent you have unfolded Atman and lived the principles you are teaching. The rest falls flat.

Hence Swami Rama Tirtha advises us to separate the teachings from the teacher. Follow the teachings. You can never go wrong. If the teacher is a realized Soul you cannot understand that State so you will err in your judgement. If he is wrong you get misled.

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