Verse 5



5. Krsna answers that both He and Arjuna have passed through many births. The only difference is that He knows them all while Arjuna does not know.

Birth and death go on and on until you reach Realisation. During this time your knowledge is confined to your equipments and the environment you are placed in. In other words you know only the present. You cannot tap into the past or penetrate into the future. You know only what your body, mind and intellect perceive now.

You are conscious of perceptions, emotions and thoughts. You are aware of colour and form, feelings and thoughts. You have knowledge of the body, mind and intellect and their interactions with the world. You have no access to objectless Awareness or pure Knowledge.

Pure Consciousness illumines and enables all experiences of the past, present and future. Not just yours but of all living beings including birds, fishes, worms and insects. When you realize your Self you become pure Consciousness. You are then sarvajna and sarvavit. You know everything, everywhere, in all beings.

Arjuna is a limited human being and knows only experiences that come from conditioned consciousness. Krsna is an enlightened Soul. He knows everything.


Verse 6



6. Krsna goes on to describe Atman as:

Aja – Unborn. Waves have birth and death. Ocean is unborn and has no death. Ornaments have birth and death. Gold is unborn and cannot die. Similarly beings have birth and death. Consciousness that enlivens beings is unborn. Birth means death means change. Atman is changeless.

Avyaya – Imperishable. Waves, ornaments, beings perish. Matter perishes. Spirit lives on.

Bhutanam Isvara – Lord of beings. Atman vitalizes, empowers, enlivens beings and is their primal Source.

I govern My own prakrti nature. The material world has no independent existence apart from Spirit. Matter and Spirit are inseparable. In fact, only Spirit exists. The universe is also Brahman. Just as both mirage and desert are desert.

The difference is only in nama rupa, names and forms. The world is nothing but Brahman with name and form. It is the result of a new formation, configuration, combination. Like diamond and charcoal are different forms of the same element carbon! The world is described by a poet as ‘the splendid symphony of the universal Soul’.

It is the combination that is mysterious. That two atoms of hydrogen, a combustible gas, and an atom of oxygen, a supporter of combustion, combine to form a molecule of water that extinguishes fire is baffling! Similarly it is incredible that Consciousness that has no life combines with insentient matter to produce a living, vibrant individual. In other words it is inexplicable that Knowledge and ignorance can co-exist in one person!

Disengage from the names and forms and get to the root of the matter. Wake up from the illusion and understand Reality. Shake off the mirage and understand your Self.

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