Verse 9



9. This verse seems to contradict the previous one in which Krsna categorically says – I am born in every age. Here He declares that One who has realized the Self is not born again. If ‘I’ is understood as an enlightened Person there is no contradiction. In every age some realizes Soul appears to lead humanity to spiritual development.

The word yah, one who, indicates the universality of the message and its scientific basis. Anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time who meets with these criteria is accepted as a realized Master.

One who understands how the inactive, unmanifest Atman has come into manifestation in essence has become Atman. One who understands the relationship between Atman and action. Not theoretical knowledge but wisdom.

Atman is inactive. It enables the body to act, mind to feel and intellect to think. Without Atman the body, mind and intellect cannot operate. Just as electricity enables all electrical gadgets to function, remaining immaculate by itself. Fuel enables all cars to move, by itself remaining immobile.

Having abandoned the body means having given up vasanas, the causal body, the very cause of your birth.Vasanas or desires need the subtle and gross bodies for their fulfillment. They cause rebirth. When the body and environment are no longer conducive for the gratification of desires nature gives you a fresh lease of life. You give up the present body and environment and take up another that is more favourable for desire-fulfilment. The root cause of desire is ignorance of your fullness. When you do not know you are full you become a fool and chase after worldly things for fulfillment.

You have to move from being totally dependent on the world for transient joys to looking inward and finding happiness within. Then you will find infinite Happiness in your own Self, Atman.

You can have various wrong beliefs. But the totally mistaken idea that you are the body has disastrous consequences. It leads to all sorts of ills that continue life after life. Once this is set right everything else falls in place. As long as this wrong notion persists your problems will never cease.

The fact is that you are Atman. You are paripurna, totally fulfilled, complete, even as you experience a void within. You do not need anything or anyone for your happiness. You just have to be aware of it. You must know it.


Verse 10



10. In this verse Krsna elaborates on how to get to that state of Enlightenment.

You must be free from desire. The formula is:

Human ­– desire = God.

Desire comes from a sense of emptiness or unfulfilment felt within. This void is imaginary, not real. You do not know you are full hence you imagine an emptiness. So ignorance of your fullness is the cause of desire. When desire is fulfilled there is fear of losing object of desire. When aborted you get angry.

This ignorance is removed by

1. Manmaya – Mind absorbed in the thought of Atman. As you think so you become. So far you have been thinking of body, mind,intellect and have become these three entities. Shift the thought to Atman and you will be free from desire.

2. Mam upasrita – Take refuge in Me. Now you are taking refuge in wealth, power and connections. Surrender to that Providence that has blessed you with a million things. Develop gratitude.

3. Puta jnana tapasa – Then you will be purified of vasanas. As knowledge dawns ignorance goes. You experience fullness. Jnana tapas is the intake of knowledge, reflecting upon it and assimilating it till it becomes a part of you. People tend to stop with mere intake.

Thus what is a distant possibility becomes a palpable Reality. Vedanta is an experiential science. It has value only when you live it.

This is hard work. You need to set aside your concepts and accommodate new ideas. Anger, greed and desire have to be burnt in the fire of knowledge. Once you know your fullness how can you have desire?

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