Verse 10

10. A sannyasi has the mind anchored in Brahman. He dedicates all actions to the goal of Realisation. He is focused on Brahman hence detached from the world. He acts like an actor on stage, never forgetting his true identity. His actions do not result in a backlash of more desires.

He functions like a lotus leaf in water. The Sanskrit word for lotus is pankaja which means born in mud. A lotus leaf is born in muddy water, it lives in water and dies in water. Yet it remains untouched by water as it has a greasy surface. We live like blotting paper! Everything affects us.

When your attention is on Atman you are totally immune to the changes in the world. If your focus is on a higher ideal you are relatively unaffected by the world. A selfish person with no goal is affected to the maximum and is victimized by the world.


Verse 11

11. Krsna refers to the jnani and sannyasi in the previous verses in the singular, subtly suggesting the rarity of such people. Here he says yogis. Yogis are in the kindergarten of spiritual life and are thus many in number. A yogi is still body-centric hence the verse begins with the word kaya body. The accent is on action. Brahman does not figure in his mind as he is too gross to conceive of the highest Goal.

However, he is keen on self development and acts to purify his personality. He fixes an unselfish goal, one that is worldly but beyond his selfish concerns. He is attached to that goal so relatively detached from the lower attractions. He acts, using his body, mind and intellect solely for self purification.




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