Verse 14

14. Na kartrtvam – Atman has no doership. It is like petrol in a car. As you develop spiritually you lose the sense of doership which is a form of ego.

Na karmani – Atman does not act. Actions are caused by vasanas.

Na karma phala samyogam – Atman has nothing to do with the fruit of action. It has nothing to do with the quality of action or the result of action. Just as petrol has no motive, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve.

Svabhavastu pravartate – Nature manifests itself. Just separate the person from the qualities. The qualities may be good or bad. The person is Divine. It is the covering, the encrustation that is flawed. It is like a wonderful person who has walked in a storm and is covered with dust and dirt.

Krsna has selected words brilliantly to convey the progression in an individual.

Verse 13 says ‘dehi’. The person is still living but is Realised.

Verse 14 says ‘Prabhu’ to mean Atman with reference to the individual.

Verse 15 says ‘Vibhu’ to denote Brahman everywhere. The individual merges with the totality, like a river entering the ocean. You become the all-pervading Reality.


Verse 15

15. Brahman has no connection with papa sin or punya virtue. They belong to matter. A screen in a movie theatre is not affected by either tragedy or comedy projected on it. A mother does not reject her son because he has returned from a football match dirty! Disregard the dirt of vasana and its manifestation and focus on the core. Then you will always be happy.

Knowledge is shrouded by ignorance. This deludes you. You are viewing the world through the smokescreen of physical preferences, emotional likes and dislikes and intellectual prejudices. Hence you only see what is in your mind. If your mind is calm you see a calm world. If the mind is disturbed you see a turbulent world. Rise above the veil of ignorance and you will see things as they are – Divine!

The conditioned states of waking, dream and deep sleep arise when you are deluded. In the dream everything seems very real. When you wake up you understand it was a mere projection of the mind. Similarly when you wake up to the fourth plane of Consciousness you will understand the waking state to be as unreal as the dream.




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