Verse 18

18. Pandita literally means one who has knowledge of Self.

In the present the Pandita has equal vision towards:

– A Brahmana, highly sattvika person endowed with knowledge and humility. A person of refinement, an extraordinary human being.

– A Svapaka, predominantly tamasika person steeped in ignorance.

– A cow, dog and elephant. In the animal kingdom the cow seems to represent sattva, the dog rajas and elephant tamas.

In short the wise person has equal vision towards all. His focus is on Atman and he understands that the differences are because of gunas. He sees the wide spectrum of beings but understands the one Spirit behind the variations. He is unaffected by the manifestation of gunas.

An unwise person imposes uniformity and creates differences. He is affected by the gunas. He is happy with gunas that suit him and unhappy with those that do not cater to him. So it is selfishness that is the root cause of affectation and sorrow.

Cultivate the unifying vision of oneness by looking beyond the qualities and traits to the person. Understand that everyone is a helpless victim of his/her gunas.


Verse 19

19. With reference to the future the wise one has no birth. Birth, sarga, is caused by the fuel of vasanas. You move from one experience to the other driven by vasana, desire. You are helplessly catapulted through the cycle of birth and death by your own vasanas. Birth causes bondage, sorrow and suffering. You are crushed by the changing world. The wise one has no vasanas, hence no more birth.

Who conquers birth? One with mind established in samya, equality, evenness.

Brahman is also samam equal and nirdosham spotless. Brahman exists in equal measure in all. Hence the wise one rests in Brahman. He becomes Brahman.

You develop this oneness by understanding the nature of everything and accepting it, enjoying it. Then you have no unreasonable expectations and no heartbreaks. Summer will be hot. A nasty person will behave in a nasty person. A timid person cannot be aggressive nor an angry one even tempered. Once you understand this you will not be taken by surprise. You will not suffer. You will remain even-tempered through these fluctuations.

The challenge is to maintain this samam in the face of challenges the world throws at you. You can do this only when you are free from desire and expectation. Reduce desire by Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yogas. In the restful mind you will see your own reflection – Atman.




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