Verse 22

22. In verses 22 to 26 Krsna gives the prerequisites to meditation.

Sense enjoyments give pleasure in the beginning but sorrow in the end. They are rajasika happiness. They are described here as ‘wombs of sorrow’. They continuously give pain and misery because:

1. They are unending. Fulfil one desire and more come up. None satisfy completely, leaving you cheated and frustrated. Unfulfilled desires give mental agitation and stress.

2. Every successive contact yields less pleasure until you reach a state of no joy at all. The contact no longer gives satisfaction but when you are denied the contact you get pain. This is called neutralization.

3. Sense contact has a beginning and an end. It is temporary, ephemeral, passing.

The wise one does not depend on them. He experiences them, enjoys them but does not indulge in them. He understands their limitations. Bhoga indulgence and sukha happiness do not go together. It is yoga spiritual practice that enables sense enjoyment. Only a spiritual person enjoys.


Verse 23

23. You have desires for sense enjoyment. What is to be done with them? If you indulge in them you get neutralized and suffer. If you abstain from them you get frustrated and suffer. The first step is to bring your intellect in place. Scan your desires through the intellect. Let the intellect decide which desires to fulfil, how and when to fulfil them and which desires to shelve.

Discipline, refine and regulate your mind with the intellect. Then desire which is in the form of lust, avarice and craving transforms to goal, ideal and ambition. Stress reduces considerably and you achieve the object of desire.

Endure the force of desire by controlling it with the intellect and you become a happy person, a yogi. Unchecked, uncontrolled desire leads to vega or force which is difficult to control.

Upgrade your desires. If you have desire for money, create wealth for society. If you seek political power serve your constituency. If you want to be attractive become unselfish. If you want the good things of life develop merit. Cultivate higher desires and the number of desires reduces. Emerson said of Thoreau – He chose to be rich by making his wants few.

Ultimately fix Realisation as the goal and all worldly desires vanish. You attain the state of desirelessness or Godhood.




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