Verse 7

7. This verse describes a jnani who is –

Yogayukta – established in yoga, union with Self. He has followed the three practices of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga – paths of service, love and knowledge respectively.

Vishhuddhatma – Free from vasanas or desires. Through the three spiritual yogas and meditation he has purified himself of the dirt of vasanas. Thus the causal body is gone.

Vijitatma – Conquered the self. The subtle body is eliminated. The mind and intellect are under the control of the subtle intellect or conscience. People have no concept of control and are lost in the maze of perception, emotion and thought. They have no goal and are merely flitting from one indulgence to another. Thus they dissipate their energies and are unable to achieve anything – material or spiritual.

Vijitendriya – Subdued the senses. He has perfect control over the senses. Has mastery over their enjoyment and is not a slave to them. The gross body is out of the way.

Sarvabhutatmabhutatma – Sees the Self as the Self in all beings. This is the test of Perfection. The ability to see oneself in all beings and all beings in oneself. It is otherness that causes all our problems. Change from competitiveness to cooperativeness. From ‘Me’ to ‘We’. Expand your mind to accommodate the whole world.

When you identify with the body you experience maximum separateness. Then your world shrinks. You can be happy only when you are catered to. You are consumed by hatred, jealousy and insecurity. When you associate with the mind there is relief. Your world expands to accommodate the immediate family. You rejoice at the achievement of your family members. When you connect with the intellect there is much greater independence. You accept the entire country as yours. You celebrate any countryman’s victory as if it were your very own! You become totally liberated when you equate with Atman, your core. Then there are no distinctions or differences. You experience infinite Bliss.

He is not tarnished even while acting – There are three types of actions. Selfish actions are those in accordance with negative vasanas/desires. Unselfish actions are backed by your own positive vasanas. Selfless actions steer clear of vasanas. They are performed with the sole intent of getting to Realisation. These purify you of existing vasanas. Such a person acts only for Atmanah moksartham spiritual liberation and lokasangraha welfare of the world. Such a one does not create any more vasanas.


Verse 8 & 9

8 & 9. How does a jnani act in the world? He understands that all actions are a function of prakrti matter. Actions manifest as per vasanas. Atman has nothing to do with the quality of action performed. Atman is the mere facilitator of action. Just as petrol does not determine the quality of driving.

Thus a jnani is 100% objective in all his transactions in the world. While he is dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic in his actions he carries the feeling, “I do nothing at all”. The verses cover the entire gamut of human activities in the waking, dream and deep sleep states.

Pasyan, srnvan, sprsan, jighran – seeing, hearing, touching, smelling. Organs of perception

Gacchan – moving, waking state

Svapan – dream and deep sleep states

Svasan – breathing. Pranas

Pralapan, visrjan, grhnan – speaking, letting go, grasping. Organs of action

Unmisan – opening eyes. External activities

Nimisan – closing eyes. Internal activities

A jnani has the freedom to operate with the body, mind and intellect when it is required and retreats to the realm of Atman at other times. Krsna was totally in the world, yet completely untouched by it.The common person is bound and has lost the freedom to remain apart from the matter layers. An adult has access to the joys of childhood, youth as well as adulthood while a child is restricted to the realm of toys only.

Tattvavit – one who has understood it in essence. He views everything as you would a play being enacted on stage. Objectivity comes with growth, right values. As you go higher you are objective with reference to your own erstwhile attachments.

Light has little to do with the movie that is projected. Electricity has nothing to do with heat in a heater or cooking in a microwave oven. Cotton is unaffected by the design of garments. Gold is unconcerned with the ornaments it is made into. Similarly Atman enlivens all equipment to function but does nothing. That Atman you are!




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