Verse 14


14. The preparation for meditation continues:


Prashantatma – Mind tranquil, serene, calm, and mature. Desires have been reduced.

Vigatabhi – Fearless, like Prahlada. No fear of the unknown or fear of not getting the fruit. When your actions are positive and directed towards getting to Atman you are confident in the law of Karma. Hence fearless.

Brahmacharivrate sthita – Established in brahmacharya, treading the path to Brahman. The intellect disallows anything that obstructs your progress to Atman. The middle path, neither unintelligent denial and frustration nor reckless indulgence in sense objects. Just intelligent sense enjoyment. This is internal control and has no reference to physical contact. The mind is on the higher so it is not attracted to lower enchantments.

Mana samyamya – Mind subdued. You do not fall prey to emotion, positive or negative. Likes and dislikes are under intellectual supervision. You do not fall into the trap of emotional manipulation.

Maccitta – Gross intellect focussed on Me.

Matpara – Subtle intellect absorbed in thought of Me. ‘Me’ means Atman, your real Self.

There are three stages:

1. When the mind is fully prepared it is like a bird in a cage. It is fit for meditation.

2. The mind has desires so is given a little freedom and told to focus on a larger canvas of the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures.

3. The mind is full of desires and is allowed full freedom to engage in rituals, pilgrimages, stories and other entertainment.

Verse 15


15. The importance of consistent application is emphasised by the word ‘sada’, always. Always keep the goal in mind and strive to achieve it. Towards this end restrain the senses, actions, pranas involuntary actions and mind. Persistently pursue the Self and negate worldly involvements.


Niyatamanasa – Subdued mind. The mind meanders to worldly thoughts during meditation. Bring the wandering mind back to the single thought. The intellect has to be powerful and alert for this. Often you do not even realise the mind has gone off on its own.


Then you attain peace ending in supreme Bliss. As long as the mind looks outward it will be agitated. The moment it turns inward there is peace. When you get to Atman you experience infinite Bliss.


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