Verse 3


3. A yogi who still has desires for the world needs to perform action dedicated to a higher cause. Then existing desires get exhausted. Since the attention is on the higher the action does not rebound as more desire. This is Karma Yoga. An advanced spiritual seeker with very few desires needs to reflect, contemplate, be absorbed in the thought of Atman, and meditate to get to Realisation. This is described here as shama serenity.

There are three processes that make for life – receipt of stimuli from the world through the organs of perception, reaction of the stimuli with the desires in the mind and response back into the world as action. A yogi with many desires reacts and responds to almost every stimulus. He is an active person. To become spiritual he needs to convert action to worship. A sannyasi merely takes in stimuli. He does not react or respond to most of them. His life is largely that of perception which is converted to worship by way of Jnana Yoga, Path of Knowledge.

Total fulfilment is the goal of human evolution, not organic satisfaction. You are already totally fulfilled. You just do not know it. This ignorance of your fullness is the cause of all problems. Hence knowledge is of the essence. Knowledge of your fullness. Then desires drop.

Nothing takes a realised Person out of himself except compassion. Otherwise he is krtartha fulfilled within and krtakrtya satisfied with having done what had to be done.


Verse 4


4. There are two conditions that need to be fulfilled to gain mastery over yoga:

1. Na anushajjate – Not attached to sense objects or actions. Sense objects indicate receipts and actions are responses. Attachment comes from lack of self-sufficiency. Detachment means having zero value for the world and all it has to offer, yet acting with gusto, enthusiasm and excitement. When you are attached you lose the object or person you are attached to. And the interaction itself becomes painful.

2. Sarva sankalpa sannyasi – Renounce all desires. This indicates reactions. Desire has no place in life as you get what you deserve, not what you desire. Desire comes in the way of your obtaining object of desire. Desire leads to stress and mental agitation. And there is no end to desire. The more you gain the more you will desire.

Thus, one who has mastered yoga has all three processes under the control of the intellect. He has no value for the world as he has attained the state of paripurna, total and complete fulfilment within. Hence the lava of desire has stopped.