Verses 29 to 32 detail the test of Realisation. How do you know you have grown spiritually? To the extent you are able to rise above imaginary boundaries and see oneness everywhere you are a spiritual person. It has no connection with mastery of scriptures or spiritual practices performed.

Verses 29 to 31 speak of the subtle development of this quality and verse 32 gives the result. In verse 29 Krsna uses the word ’ikshate’ and in verse 30 ‘pasyati’, both of which mean to see. Then when one is established in oneness one sees God in all beings so the word changes to ‘bhajati’ worship in verse 31. The result, in verse 32, is that one is not affected by the fluctuations of life, views pleasure and pain equally. That person is supreme!

Spirituality is not mere adherence to ritual, visit to a place of worship or utterance of prayer. It is an intense awareness of the equality of beings. Matter differs in all beings but Spirit or Atman is the same in all. Once you zoom in on Atman you naturally and effortlessly see oneness.

A box of chocolates may have the same chocolate in different shapes and sizes wrapped in diverse wrappers. A child is carried away by superficial differences. An adult sees the chocolate which is the same in all. Similarly all living beings are essentially Atman wrapped in various permutations and combinations of body, mind, and intellect. The wise one x rays through matter and sees Atman in him as Atman in all beings.

This verse is the understanding of oneness. It becomes a more intimate experience of love in verse 30. Finally you get established in that oneness and worship God everywhere. Not in a particular temple, church or mosque but in all beings. So if you cannot feel love for those around you cannot claim to have become spiritual. Begin by trying to overcome the negativity, dislike and aversion you feel for people around you. You cannot fake it by being politically correct. Get to the root of the problem.




Here the yogi is rooted in oneness. When he sees God everywhere his attitude changes to that of worship. Everything he does becomes reverential. Thereafter whatever he does is righteous. This attitude matters, not the lifestyle, wardrobe or home.

People imitate sages and their external lifestyles rather than emulate their inner selflessness. It is far more difficult to cultivate higher values so they resort to quick fixes that neither improve their personalities nor develop them spiritually.

Once you develop the worshipful attitude towards every aspect of the world your actions become perfect and you achieve success. You are happy within and your desires get sublimated. You become God.