Arjuna uses four words to describe the mind and compares it the wind.

Chanchala – fickle. The mind does not stay in one place. It is restless, driven by different desires.

Pramathi – violent. It is turbulent and causes havoc when it gathers momentum.

Balavat – powerful. It is subtle yet can destroy a person.

Drdham – unyielding. A person who functions on the mind is obstinate and non-thinking. Refuses to change even when faced with devastation. Arjuna does not see the possibility of controlling such a mind.




Krsna agrees with Arjuna that the mind is, without a doubt, difficult to control. But it can be reined in with practice and dispassion.

Vairagya is the initial abstinence you need in order to invest your energies in the spiritual path. You make time to gain knowledge by attending a lecture or studying the scriptures. Then you practice abhyasa which is Karma Yoga, the path of service, Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, and Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge. With these practices your desires reduce a little and you are able to withdraw more. This withdrawal helps deepen the practice of the three Yogas. Thus you move towards Realisation.

Any achievement begins with small steps that gather momentum to help break records and achieve the impossible!