Verse 7


7. Verses 7, 8 and 9 describe a jnani, realised Soul. This verse deals with subjective changes. One who is:

Jitatmana – self-controlled. At the physical level he has complete control over the sense organs and their affinity to sense objects.

Prashanta – serene. At the mental plane he is supremely peaceful. There are no desires gurgling within causing agitations. Nor is he dependent on anything in the world.

Paramatma – The little self has merged with the capital Self. The individuality has dissolved in the vastness of Brahman.

Samahita – balanced in the fluctuations of the world. He is not ruffled by heat or cold, joy or sorrow or honour and dishonour. It is the mind that gets carried away. He has the intellect firmly in place which has a clear understanding of the nature of the world. His identification has shifted from the body, mind and intellect to Atman. Hence he does not get affected. He remains a sakshi witness of all the happenings and experiences.

Verse 8


The verse talks about the jnani with reference to variations in objects of the world. The Realised One is:

Jnanavijnanatrptatma – fulfilled with knowledge and wisdom. Mere knowledge is an additional burden on you. It is only when you gain wisdom, when you are transformed to the higher state, are you truly spiritual. Having gained knowledge think, reflect upon it, ponder over it, experiment with it and live it. Keep at it until you absorb it and make it your own.

Kutashta – steadfast. A jnani becomes the changeless substratum on which all changes take place. Just as an anvil remains the same while objects are made into different shapes and sizes. If you are at the periphery you get tossed about the most. Move to the centre of your personality.

Vijitendriya – subdued the senses. The intellect has total control over the demands of the senses. Self control is not unintelligent self denial. It is intelligent enjoyment of sense objects.

Yukta – united to Atman. He has extricated himself from worldly entanglements and become free. He is no longer victimised by the world. He enjoys infinite Bliss.

Samam – equal to earth, stone and gold. He is self sufficient and needs nothing from the world to fulfil him.