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One who has studied the Bhagavad Gita just a little, drunk even a drop of Ganga water, has worshipped Murari (Krishna) just once, does not meet with Yama (lord of death).

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Birth, death and sleeping in the mother's womb over and over again – this samsara (world) is unfathomable and difficult to cross. O Murari (Krishna), protect me by your grace.

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Wearing a patched garment made of rags from the streets, the yogi treading the path free from punya (virtue) and apunya (vice), with mind focused on yoga (union), rejoices like a child, like one insane.

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Who are you? Who am I? From where have I come? Who is my mother? Who is my father? Contemplate over this, setting aside the whole unsubstantial world which is just an imaginary dream.

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