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Verse 37



Arjuna concludes in this verse that they should not kill. His reasoning is faulty hence the conclusion drawn is wrong. Often the mind and its emotions force the intellect to think in line with what it wants to do. You think you have analysed but do not realise that the mind is still having its way. Hence it is extremely important to strengthen the intellect so that it is always in command of your personality.


Arjuna is looking for happiness. If you look for pleasure through your actions you will never find it. Perform your obligatory duties and happiness will be conferred on you. This is a law. Krsna thus exhorts us to just perform our obligations. Success, happiness and spiritual growth will follow.


Arjuna includes Krsna in his actions when Krsna has neither a stake in the battle nor does he concur with Arjuna. Yet He keeps silent!


Verse 38-39



There are three kinds of people – sattvika, rajasika and tamasika. The Kauravas have no feelings for people and are stone-like. They fall in the tamasika category. Arjuna feels but is acting on his feelings. This is animalistic. He is rajasika. Krsna has subtle, selfless feelings but is led by the intellect. This alone is human. It is sattvika. In the world either people have no feelings or are driven by the feelings. The combination of fine feelings and intellect is rare.


Passivity is the root cause of suffering where emotion holds sway and the intellect is either weak or not available. You are victimised by your own emotions and you express them indiscriminately.


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