Bhagavad Gita Chapter I - Verse 44 & Verse 45 Print E-mail

Verse 44



Arjuna is afraid of hell. Worship is done out of love, not fear. Yet most people worship because of fear of punishment.


When you understand the Law of Karma there is no fear. You are the creator of your own future. Arjuna is not following the Law and is thus afraid. Even a devotional person who believes that everything is ordained by God does not fear.


Kula Dharma is family rites which signify higher values leading to Enlightenment. Every member of the family was brought up on a diet of inspiration. This had gradually deteriorated. Society had already lost these values. The Pandavas were trying to restore them and Arjuna here is about to sabotage their efforts.



Verse 45



Arjuna now shifts from family rites to royal pleasures. The mind is fickle and unsteady. Do not fall a prey to the mind. Then thinking comes to an end.


They were not fighting the war for greed for royal pleasures. Arjuna himself had convinced Yudhisthira to fight the battle earlier. Now suddenly he does a volte face.


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