Bhagavad Gita Chapter I - Verse 46 & Verse 47 Print E-mail

Verse 46



Throughout Arjuna’s focus is on himself. Yet he speaks of sacrifice. This is false vairagya, rajasika renunciation, when you give up something because it gives pain. True sacrifice comes from inner growth.


Arjuna is totally overcome by emotion. To the extent you give in to emotion the intellect does not function. In this state you do not know what you are saying and give up property in the belief that you do not need it. Later the desire comes back to haunt you.



Verse 47



This verse reflects the condition of many people. To the extent you give in to unbridled emotion the mind gets agitated, the intellect stops functioning and the body gets incapacitated. This is Arjuna’s condition. Moreover, you are not aware of your state. Hence here Sanjaya narrates the breakdown.


Dhrtarastra must have been a relieved man to see the Pandavas’ greatest warrior out of action! Arjuna drops his bow and arrow and falls into his chariot grief-stricken.



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