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Verse 35



Verses 35, 36 and 37 speak of the result of gaining wisdom. Here Krsna gives the effect on the intellect.


Having known which you will not get deluded again – There is no possibility of getting into delusion in future. The word ‘punah again’ implies that you are now deluded. Hence the suffering. You are seeing things that are not there. Like seeing a snake where there is a rope. Then you believe the snake has bitten you, the venom is spreading, you have fever etc. You do not need anti venom treatment. All you need is light by which you will see the rope!


Similarly you are seeing the world where there is Brahman. This basic ignorance causes all the pain and anguish. As knowledge dawns the misery reduces until you reach the state of Self Realisation. Then even the waking state dissolves in the fourth plane of Consciousness. Ignorance of Brahman is the deep sleep state when only vasanas exist. This ignorance projects the waking and dream states which are misapprehensions of Brahman. With knowledge ignorance goes. And the misapprehensions of waking and dream states vanish.


Moha delusion means you are caught up with the illusion of the world. An imaginary, make-believe universe created by you. Then you get involved in worldly matters –wealth, name, fame, family etc. There is nothing wrong with the world. It is your entanglement that causes the grief. Hence you must be objective. You can perhaps handle a few things. But the deluge of worldly attractions makes you slip.


You will see all beings in the Self, and then in Me – In the beginning it is only intellectual awareness. Later you will actually begin to see. Just as you see all reflections in the mirror as 'me'.


Verse 36



This verse gives the result of Knowledge on the mind.


'Sin' means mental agitation which comes from unfulfilled desires. Even the most sinful sinner can overcome desires and reach Realisation. A dreamer has his share of agitation and stress, less or more. It all disappears on waking. He instantly becomes free of all disturbances.


Just as a boat takes you from one shore to the other, the boat of knowledge takes you from the shore of mortality to the shore of Immortality. Along the way it protects you from the choppy seas. Knowledge acts as a shock absorber and shields you from the challenges of life. The captain of the boat is the intellect that steers you through the waters. Then you are not at the mercy of the winds of passion that can overturn your personality. You reach the harbor of peace. By meditation you cross over to Enlightenment.


To the extent you have knowledge you will be free of agitation. On Realisation there are no vasanas, no agitation. You are in absolute Bliss.


It is not where you are that matters but which direction you are moving in. You could be at a low level of spirituality but if you keep moving upward you will reach the Goal. Whereas a person at a higher level who is not making effort will take longer to evolve.


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