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Verse 39



This verse tells us how to gain knowledge-of-Self.


1. Control the senses – Self control is not self denial which is cowardice. It is intellectual governance. Mastery over sense contact. You do not have disproportionate value for sense objects, whether you possess them or not. You do not fall prey to the demands of the senses.


There are two types of people. The vast majority indulges in the senses and loses their enjoyment. The other category deny themselves contact with the senses and get frustrated. Only a Vedantin truly enjoys! By regulated sense contact.


2. Be devoted – In areas of ignorance you must surrender. Atman is unknown hence devotion is necessary. Consider the Self as supreme. Whatever you do, anchor one aspect of your mind on God. Then the mind is calm and available for intake of knowledge.


3. Have shraddha - Translated as faith, it goes beyond that. It is the capacity of the intellect to receive knowledge, ponder over it, assimilate it until it you live it. Persevere, persist, keep at it till you reach the Goal.


Once you gain knowledge you will soon attain supreme Peace. Knowledge leads to liberation. How long will it take? Nachirena not long. As long as you are doing your best in the right direction it will come to you. You do not have to worry about the result.


Verse 40



People are agitated, distressed, worried and anxious. They suffer from various physical and mental illnesses because of lack of knowledge. All you need is a little knowledge and the problems disappear. Realisation needs a lot more effort and knowledge.


The ignorant, with no sense control, devotion or shraddha operate on whims and fancies of the mind. They are fickle-minded and have no faith in anything beyond the realm of matter. They are suspicious and do not trust anybody. They will be destroyed.


This is a definitive statement by Krsna as He is stating the law. Lord Visnu has four arms holding the padma lotus, shankha conch shell, gada mace and cakra discus-sword. The lotus represents the peace of Atman and beckons you to that State. The conch denotes the conscience which always points to the higher and tells you when you go wrong. If you disregard the conscience you get the gada, a knock on the head. Things start going wrong for you. Adversity and failure come your way. If you still do not pay heed to these pointers you will meet with total destruction cakra.


Such people will neither gain this world nor the next. They will be unsuccessful and unhappy. The law is that all selfish people are ineffective and unhappy. Moksha or Enlightenment is way beyond their grasp.


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