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Verse 41



Krsna addresses Arjuna as Dhananjaya as he has won many battles and earned great wealth in the past. Now it is time to conquer the wealth within!


1. Renounce actions through yoga – The moment a dreamer wakes up he immediately renounces actions in the dream. Similarly the more you identify with Atman you renounce actions here. This means the excitement, desire, anxiety goes. Your attention is on spiritual growth. You want nothing in the world. Actions will go on objectively without the attendant mental agitation. Then you will not create more desires and you will not be bound by action.


2. Your doubts will vanish – you will gain clarity of thought and function by the intellect. All grey areas will go. You will not be plagued by indecision, doubt or confusion.


3. You will be anchored in the Self – An actor on stage is anchored in his identity and is not swayed by the roles he plays. When you wake up from a dream you are not carried away by the happenings in the dream. Similarly you will be unaffected by anything that happens in the waking state as a result of your awakening to the fourth State.


Once you are united to Atman nothing in the world will bind or affect you.


This is true both in the relative and absolute sense. Relatively, to the extent you live these principles you will be free from the stranglehold of desire and ego. Absolutely, when all desires are gone there is total liberation from the world.


Verse 42



Krsna concludes after a rational presentation on the importance of knowledge from verse 35 onwards.


Verses 35 to 37 give the result of gaining knowledge.

Verse 38 says knowledge is the greatest purifier.

Verse 39 encapsulates how to gain knowledge.

Verse 40 says if you do not gain knowledge you will be ruined.

Verse 41 says those who gain knowledge are liberated. Their actions do not bind them.

Verse 42 says therefore gain wisdom.


Cutting ignorance with the sword of knowledge – Krsna addresses the warrior in Arjuna. You need the valour, courage, strength and fearlessness of a soldier to battle your ignorance and negativities.


Dwelling in your heart – Look within. Change the direction of your pursuit. The world does not have the power to bestow happiness. It is a mirage out there. True fulfillment can only be obtained within you.


Be established in yoga – Focus on uniting with your own Self. Practise the three yogas of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana. As desires reduce and the mand becomes still begin the practice of meditation.


Arise O Bharata – Bharata means one who delights in the light of Atman. The DNA of every Indian is to seek the Bliss within. Now you revel in worldly acquisitions. Arise from lower levels of body, mind and intellect to the bliss of the Spirit.


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