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Verse 24



Krsna prescribes internal sadhana in line with the style of the scriptures which give the highest practice first. The preliminary practices are described in Verse 25.


The world lures you to physical, emotional and intellectual fascinations. You succumb to the immediate pleasure afforded by external pursuits and lose sight of Atman. A Yogi withstands the assault of these attractions and finds happiness in the Self.


Earth yourself to Brahman and you will no longer get shocks from the world. While you are engaging in the world focus one aspect of your mind on that which enables you to enjoy the world. Concentrate on the transcendental Force that empowers you to perceive, feel and think.


Understand the changing nature of the world and the real value of all that it offers. Then you will turn inward and find happiness within.


A Yogi withdraws from the preoccupations of the world and turns to the Self. He becomes antasukha happy within, antararama revels within and antarjyoti illumined within. He becomes Brahman.


Verse 25



The external sadhana is the procedure by which one becomes a yogi. The practices to be followed are:


1. Karma Yoga Path of Action – indicated by the word yatatmana self controlled. Work in a spirit of service and sacrifice towards a higher ideal in the area of your talent.


2. Bhakti Yoga Path of Devotion – ksinakalmasa sins destroyed. Sin means mental agitation. When you harbor ill will and a felling of separateness from others your mind is disturbed. You are unhappy. Embrace the world with love, affection, oneness. The mind will be calm. You will be happy.


3. Jnana Yoga Path of Knowledge – dualities destroyed. The intellect discriminates between the world and the realm beyond. It zooms in on the one transcendental Being that is beyond the world and its pairs of opposites.


With these spiritual practices the mind is freed from desire and becomes calm. Then you revel in the wellbeing of all beings. Then you obtain liberation in Brahman.


To the extent you have strong likes and dislikes you are victimized by the pairs of opposites in the world. The stronger your likes and dislikes the greater is your suffering as there is a constant clash between your loves and hates and the pairs of opposites.


You achieve self control when the intellect guides and directs the mind. Then you are less affected by the world. When you rise above your likes and dislikes and are led by the wise counsel of the intellect you begin to work for the welfare of all beings, human as well as animal. This is the test of spiritual development.



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