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Verse 29



All masters use ‘Me’ which means Atman, the God principle within, not the personality. This is because


1. They have merged with the Spirit and are not identified with body-mind-intellect. There is nothing other than Atman.

2. The real ‘Me’ in all of us is Atman, the Spirit.

3. They pathway to Atman is to look within.


Atman is the enjoyer of:


Yajna sacrifice – Work in a spirit of service and sacrifice for a higher purpose beyond selfish, self-centred interests.


Tapas austerity – Conserve energy that would otherwise get dissipated and redirect it to the achievement of the goal.


Both sacrifice and austerity are viewed as painful. Sacrifice gives immense joy and happiness. It is selfish action that gives sorrow and agitation. And when you are committed to the goal you find the path to the goal enjoyable. Those who do not perform sacrifice and austerity do not succeed nor are they happy. This is a law.


Atman is the Lord of all beings – It is the supreme Power that enables all living beings to perceive and act, feel and think. Atman is the enabler of all internal physiological functions. And Atman is the Governor of all laws operating in the world. Atman is the substratum of the universe.


Atman is friend of all – A friend gives solace, comfort and happiness to all beings.


As you develop spiritually you enjoy life, gain power and use the power for the welfare of all beings.


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