Bhagavad Gita Chapter VI - Verse 28 & Verse 29 Print E-mail


The accent is on constancy of practice. The law is – As You Think so You Become. So far there has been persistent thought of body, mind, and intellect. Thus you have become matter. How do you regain Spirit? By the same method of persistent thinking.


Then you will easily obtain Brahman. Masters in their fields seem to attain perfection effortlessly. The hard work and effort has been put in earlier. Similarly at the very end you attain Brahman effortlessly. The struggle is in the earlier stages.


Brahman is described as the state of unending bliss. All the happiness you experience now is finite and has an end. It is followed by sorrow. On Realisation you gain infinite Bliss which never ends.



The test of spiritual evolution is the ability to see oneness. You see yourself in all beings and all beings in yourself. A mother sees herself in her children and all her kids within her. As you grow your sphere of oneness expands to include a larger cross section of people. This happens because you identify with subtler aspects within.


When you identify with the body you see maximum separateness. This causes the greatest conflict and suffering. Identify with the mind and your oneness expands to include the family. Each member of the family is unique and distinct yet you have a uniform feeling towards them all. There is relief. Connect with the intellect and you see all citizens of your country as one! Literate or illiterate, rich or poor, they are yours. Finally, identify with the Spirit within and you see Atman everywhere. You rise above physical differences, emotional likes and dislikes as well as intellectual prejudices to see that one unifying Spirit pulsating in all beings. This is Bliss. It is differences that cause misery.


Start by viewing the situation from the other person’s point of view. Everyone is a victim of her own nature or vasanas. It is not easy to change even when you are aware and are making an effort to improve. Then disgust and dislike are replaced by compassion and empathy. You feel good.


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