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Q What is the exact time of the "Brahma Muhurta"? What is its importance?


A The exact time of brahma muhurta is between 4 and 6 a.m. It is acknowledged to be the time when sattva manifests itself in us. Essentially, we are all a combination of the three gunas sattva, rajas and tamas. Brahma muhurta is the time when our sattvika content comes to the forefront. It is the ideal time for thinking and reflection on the truths laid down in Vedanta. Rajas manifests itself after 6 a.m. It is the time when the day’s activities begin, children have to get ready for school, mothers have to prepare food for the family and office-goers begin getting ready for work. These mark the beginning of a cycle of frenetic activity. It is after sundown that tamas begins to manifest itself. A time when all indulgent activities begin.

A Brahma muhurta has tremendous importance in our lives as it is the time when we can invest our energies in developing our sattvika content. It is a time when the mind is calm, free from distractions of the world and the intellect fresh from a good night’s sleep. Thus one is able to focus the mind on absorbing Vedantic knowledge. Brahma muhurta must be optimally utilised because the spiritual path is about developing sattva and eradicating rajas and tamas. Brahma muhurta is the time to develop this sattva in us. So just as we invest our financial resources so as to maximise them, we must invest our sattvika resources to maximise our sattvika content and we must invest in sattva.