Seminars by Jaya Row

The seminars offered by Vedanta Vision for corporate bodies and executives deal with the development of the human being. Managing him is perhaps the most daunting task. One that makes the difference between success and failure. You can buy the executive’s time and physical presence. Even make him go through the motions of his job. But how do you ensure he is self-motivated, mature, enthusiastic…a committed manager, a person of character and integrity? A few organisations have stumbled upon such a person to head them. But how do you transmit these qualities?

The seminars enunciate some basic values. Values that create success, happiness, excellence in career and growth that fulfils each ones’ potential. They explain how not having the requisite value base erodes profitability.
This is why modern Management has coined the term Spiritual Quotient to assess the net worth of an individual – not IQ.

The seminars help each executive meet his own goals as well as those of the organisation. They evolve a management style that is successful as well as uniquely Indian. Creating that most valued of corporate assets – the fulfilled, dynamic human being.

Your 5000 year–old guide to Business Today
The need of the hour is Vedanta – the oldest management school in the world.
One that is as relevant today as it was 5000 years back. Vedanta is the science of
self-management. It is only when you understand and learn to manage yourself
that you will be able to manage resources outside.

Some of the topics Jaya Row speaks on are

Jaya Row has conducted seminars for various organisations including

World Economic Forum Davos
Southern California Edison, Los Angeles
Stress Engineering, Houston
Young Presidents’ Organization
Purdue University, USA
Multilaw, UK
Indian Merchants’ Chamber
Taj Hotels Palaces & Resorts
JM Morgan Stanley
Aditya Birla Group
Thapar Group
Hotel Oberoi Towers
Jamnalal Bajaj Inst. of Management Studies
World Bank, Washington DC
Shell UK, London
Tata Consultancy Services, New Jersey
Pan IIT Alumni Association
Washington University, St. Louis
Nehru Centre, London
ABN Amro Bank
Tata Management Training Centre, Pune
Air India
Piramal Enterprises
Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd.
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
Coca Cola Company, Atlanta
Worldcorp, Los Angeles
Senes Consultants, Toronto
The Pierre, New York
Illinois Valley Community College, USA
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Otis Elevator Co.
Deutsche Bank
Bombay Stock Exchange
RPG Group
Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.