If the proportion of the gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas) determine the varnas (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra), what is the simplest method to identify these traits in children at an early age so that they may be coached accordingly for a better future?



How does one overcome problems of external origin when they are not in our control?



If, as mentioned in the lectures by Smt. Jaya Row, the world is a dream and we must work towards liberating ourselves from it, why should we make an effort to give our best in every endeavour even though this is a dream?



Can you tell me the difference between the teachings of the Gita and those of Buddha as they seem to say different things?



I have lost interest in celebrating any festivals. And I feel that following any rituals is just waste of time. Instead I would rather spend that time in helping the needy. I want to know whether this is abnormal behaviour.



Why is it that I feel very depressed when I see somebody known to me suffering? I try to be of help to them to the best of my ability, but still I am not able to get over their sorrows. Why is God so unkind sometimes? Why does He not help people who need His help?



In our lives, what should be given more importance, Self-realisation or serving humanity?



What is the difference between self-respect and ego?



What is the exact time of the "Brahma Muhurta"? What is its importance?



They say that GOD is omnipresent and the perfect. It is also said that he is the creator of this universe. But i often think why did he create this Universe at all? What was the need?