Vedanta Vision

Our mission is to enable people from all walks of life to fulfil their potential by taking the universal message of Vedanta to them.


What is Vedanta ?


Message from the Masters

Vedanta is the world's foremost school of thought on self-management. It finds its origin in the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India. Vedanta is a universal knowledge applicable to people from all walks of life irrespective of their nationality, culture and religious background.

Passed on from generations of Himalayan rishis, sages, the eternal principles of Vedanta are as valid today as they were centuries ago. And it is this message of the masters that we bring to you today.


Sculpt Your Future

Vedanta says you are the master architect, designing both the inner edifice of character as well as the outer structure of circumstance. You may have inadvertently designed your present performance. Now, armed with the knowledge of Vedanta - the science of human perfection - you can weave excellence into your life.


The Mind - Uncharted Waters

You may have dream qualifications, loads of talent and the right break. Yet the kick-start sometimes turns into a sputter. You seem to be going through life with one foot on the accelerator, the other on the brake. You invest enormous effort to rise to a level of success. But your mind plays truant and spoils the party. Vedanta takes the foot off the brake and enables you to cruise to your destination. Your greatest leverage to success is your own mind. Master your mind. Set the course yourself. And set sail smoothly.


Rx for Success

You have a talent, a gift that is unique and exclusive. Vedanta helps mobilise this intangible resource. Success is not an accident of fate. It is the result of carefully nurtured strengths and vigilant weeding out of weaknesses. Success is a by-product of inner value addition. Develop merit. And success will follow.



You believe the more you have the more you will enjoy. So you go all out and indulge. Ironically the more you splurge the less you enjoy. Experiences that thrill on the first encounter pall with the tenth. Vedanta restores the joy in life with its uncanny formula - regulated interaction with sense objects. So that you retain the thrill of the first contact till the very end.


Wine & Roses

You embark upon life looking for days of wine and roses. Do they turn into days of whine and neuroses? You want happy, meaningful relationships. But desire and ego put you on a collision course with others. Vedanta helps forge alliances through understanding. You move from isolation to communication and communion.


Insights that Empower

Just as laws govern the world outside, laws operate in the realm of the mind. Ignorance does not exempt you from their effects. Vedanta introduces you to the laws governing your inner world. With these insights, you become empowered to shape the direction of your life.


Relinquish to Relish

Vedanta extols the virtues of renunciation. Without this no achievement is possible. Renunciation is not giving up what you enjoy. It is gaining access to your own higher aspirations. Fulfilling avenues blocked by unworthy distractions. Renunciation is not life-denying but life-enabling. Reaching…


The Blissful Core of Your Being

Finally Vedanta takes you through meditation to the realm of the Infinite. This is the essential nature of every human being. Your core. Boundless you are and will not settle for any less, driven by the nostalgia for the Infinite. Vedanta takes you to that supreme Goal - one step at a time.

So connect with Vedanta. Transform your life from one of mediocrity to that of excellence.


Vedanta provides techniques of self-management that
Harness your potential
Help master your mind
Inspire you to excel
Equip you to deal with life's challenges
Build meaningful relationships