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Verse 24


All desires are born of imagination. Desire springs from a feeling of unfulfilment, emptiness, inadequacy. This lack is unreal. You are actually full, totally satiated. You just do not know it. The ignorance of your fullness creates a false sense of emptiness. Thoughts arise in the intellect to fill this void. The thoughts consolidate as desire to obtain objects/beings of the world. When the desire is fulfilled you are happy. When it is blocked you are miserable.


Vedanta gets to the root of the problem. You do not need objects of desire. You simply need knowledge of your fullness. Then you will be happy irrespective of whether you gain objects of desire or not. In fact, desire itself will vanish.


The priority should therefore be to gain knowledge. If you focus only on knowledge your desires will come in the way. So deal with them. Scrutinise your desires with the intellect. Let the intellect decide if the desire needs to be fulfilled, shelved or deleted.


Then practise self-control. Existing desire should not directly manifest as action. The intellect must intervene and decide. A fresh experience should not create more desire in you. So enjoy objects of desire without creating more desire. This is self-control. Self control does not mean restricting enjoyment or denying yourself the good things of life.


The important thing is that all senses must be controlled. Each one has a weakness for one or two things. It is this that destroys us.



Meditation is the art of focussing the mind on one thought without allowing it to meander into any other thought, under the supervision of the intellect. The intellect plays a key role right through the spiritual practices. Step by step hold the rambling mind with a resolute intellect.


The emphasis is on the gradual nature of the practice. Physical growth from birth to adulthood takes years. It takes time to develop fine emotions. Intellectual development takes at least 16 years of schooling. Spiritual advancement also takes a while. It cannot happen overnight. So be patient. Yet when you are totally prepared Enlightenment takes as much time as a needle takes to penetrate a rose petal!


Keep the mind fixed on the Self. Do not think of anything else. The nature of the mind is fickle and restless. It is the intellect that keeps focus. When the mind is free from desire for worldly objects it remains still and obeys the command of the intellect. When the mind is afire with desire it is impossible to quieten the mind.


Consistent application is necessary for success in any field. More so in the spiritual path as worldly attractions are constantly tempting you. The individual consisting of body, mind, intellect and Spirit has thought of matter for countless lives! To disengage from it will take constant, relentless effort.


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