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The nature of the mind is to be asthira unsteady and cancala restless. Even a mind divested of desire will wander. Hence the intellect needs to be watchful and rein in the mind every time it meanders away from the chosen mantra. The greater the preparation the more successful you will be in meditation.


To help the mind keep on track you can follow some practices:


1. Keep the environment clean and decorate the surrounding with incense sticks. Light a lamp.

2. Chant the mantra aloud with the eyes open. Then gently shut the eyes and reduce the chant to mental whispers.

3. When the mind rambles persuade it to come back to the point of focus.

4. If the mind continues to go astray watch where it goes.

5. You may have to punish the mind if it still does not obey.


In all this the intellect is important. Long before meditation embark on a program of development and fortification of the intellect. Then it will help you in this last phase of spiritual practice.



Supreme Bliss is attained by a yogi who is:

1. Prashantamanasa – mind is totally peaceful. Subtle body transcended.

2. Shantarajasa – passions calmed. Gross body crossed.

3. Akalmasam – free from sin. Causal body surpassed.


He rises above the waking, dream and deep sleep states to enter the fourth plane of Consciousness. He becomes Brahman.


You have to eliminate rajas passion and tamas apathy and get established in sattva purity.


Plato said in the play, ‘Freedom’- “Thought is best when gathered unto self. Untroubled by sight, sound etc. Nor pleasure nor pain. No bodily sense but aspiring after a pure Being.”


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