Question 50

Qs. They say that GOD is omnipresent and the perfect. It is also said that he is the creator of this universe. But i often think why did he create this Universe at all? What was the need? Ans. God did not create the universe. You have projected it. When you do not see a rope lying on the ground in the dark, the ignorance of the rope creates the illusion of the snake. Similarly when you do not understand God the ignorance of God creates the misapprehensions of the dream and waking states.

Question 49

  Q  When we treat people nicely they treat us very badly , especially in college , they think we are poor , powerless and take us for granted. And when we treat them with attitude we get RESPECT in return , why so ?   A  This is because of passive goodness. You must be good but not unintelligent. If you think people are taking you for granted show your strength. For which you must have the strength, not just attitude. Thus strength comes from spiritual growth.

Question 48

  Q  What is the difference between "EGO" and "self-respect? A  Ego is formed when an individual is created. Excessive thought of self causes inflated ego. Self respect is a benign form of ego. A realised Soul has Self respect or respect for Atman.

Question 47

  Q  Every one explaining Geetha tells about " DO your DUTY fruit is not your concern" In today's world where everything is related to reward and returns.. is it not apt to explain the next two lines " Let not non-attachment to fruits lead to inaction.." Then only one can drive home the point NISHKAMA KARMA   A  There are three types of actions - selfish, unselfish and selfless. The Gita speaks of selfless actions where you perform action because it is your duty to do it, irrespective of whether you like it or not, without depending on the fruit amd without attachment. The fruit is a feeling of fulfilment and happiness. Such actions are most potent so you become very successful and you gorw spiritually, you become a better human being.

Question 46

  Q  If our near and dear ones (father & mother in law who already have enough of regular monthly income) want our money too.. Should we give?? The base line is: I want to conserve my hard earned money for future needs and they want to spend (take) it today!! I want to lead a simple but good life!! They want to have lavish life style with luxories! I don't want them to be unhappy and I don't want myself to be unhappy too!   A  Use your intellect. Determine what is your obligation and duty versus your selfishness and unwillingness to give. If you think it is your duty to look after your elder family members you should give them something and not just use it only for yourself. You cannot dictate what lifestyle they should lead. You lead by example and live a simple life. Maybe they will see sense in what you are doing.

Question 45

  Q   Attachment and detachment? I don know how to do this.   A  You have to follow the spiritual path, become unselfish and then you will know it. This requires study of the scriptures, removal of hatred from within and working in a spirit of service and sacrifice for a higher cause.

Question 44

  Q  Is it possible to be devoted without attachment? A   Attachment is selfishness. As you become truly devoted you engage in self-annihilating devotion whereby selfishness reduces. So true devotion means detachment or true love.

Question 43

  Q  How do you classify the role of Gandhari. Was it her fault that a person like Duryodhana was born as her son? Should she have loved such a child? Having loved Duryodhana does Gandhari becomes a sinner? In general how much parents are to be blamed for the faults of their children?   A  Gandhari represents the intellect. When the intellect gets infatuated with the mind it gets blinded. This is the meaning of Gandhari blinding herself after she married Dhrtarashtra who represents the mind and was born blind. A blinded intellect is unable to handle situations. So Gandhari’s mistake is in not transmitting the right values and not correcting her sons when they went wrong. If parents have low values they bring up their children without a sense of direction. They then go wrong. The role of parents is to create a conducive environment in which positivity can grow. Beyond that the children are born with their own personalities which cannot be changed. In other words, a mango seed will grow into a mango tree. But it has to be provided with the right environment for it to grow well.

Question 42

  Q  It is given in the scriptures that one who has the vision of God attains salvation. Duryodhana who had the vision of Lord Krishna several times , did he too attain salvation after his death?   A  Vision is not to be taken in the literal sense. It means one who has cleansed oneself of desires gets the vision of God.

Question 41

Qs - How does one identify his swadharma? Does one have only one swadharma? Ans -  You have to list out your strongest urges since childhood, repeat the exercise after a fortnight or so without consulting what you wrote earlier. Do this several times if need be. Then compare. You will find one or two come up again and again. Select one. Usually one has only one svadharma. If you have two you can pursue the weaker one as a hobby.

Question 40

  Q  When we try to b indifferent to the world,there is an inexplainable fear....fear of being befooled,fear of being left out,excluded...fear of being mocked at and so on....how do we fight these fears ma'am?   A  We do not ask you to be indifferent to the world. Once you fix a higher and goal and work dedicatedly towards it you will not bother about others'opinions.

Question 39

  Q  How to handle harsh situations?   A  By maintaining a positive frame of mind and using the intellect to assess the situation and figuring the best way of dealing with it.

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