Question 38

  Q  Why is there a classification of God as best among best in Chap 10 when God exists equally in everyone and is considered to be "sumdarsi"?   A  This is to enable people who are not spiritually developed to connect with God. A highly developed person does not need a spectacular manifestation to remind him of God. A person at a lower level finds it easier to relate to the best expression.

Question 37

  Q   Does anything like a wrong time exists or can a wrong vaastu destroy you? At least this is what the vaastu experts and astrologers tell you.   A  No there is no such thing as bad time. You create your own destiny by your thoughts. If you want to improve your life you must change your thoughts.

Question 36

  Q  I see lot of stress and conflict in people at work place due to demands and expectations and focus on meeting the productivity. Any suggestion for that where the expectations are necessary to fulfill the goal of the organization?   A  You must try and meet the expectations if they are reasonable and it is possible to achieve them with effort. If in spite of your best efforts you are unable to meet them you must present the situation to the boss in a rational manner and specify what inputs are needed to achieve them. In any case you must not get stressed as stress disables you and you are unable to do whatever you are capable of if your mind is disturbed. In the end your sincerity and effort yield results.

Question 35

  Q  Could you please clarify the concept of DESIRE. Does that mean person stop desiring anything? like desire to know truth, desire to be enlightened, or this means just worldly desires?   A  Desire is the intellect's strategy to fulfil an unfulfilment felt within, fill a void. There are grades of desire - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. As you move to the higher the lower drops. This is how you eventually pick up a desire for Realisation and all other desires vanish. This last desire goes by itself.

Question 34

  Q  How can we calm the mind? Is it possible to sharpen the intellect ?   A  Yes it is possible to do both. Gain knowledge of how to do it and implement it.

Question 33

  Q  Our thoughts are always noble but results differently, Why?   A  Noble thoughts will bring noble results. The problem is if you entertain ignoble thoughts also. Then they have their results too.

Question 32

  Q  Are'nt we a mix of Spirit & Matter? & if we are not matter,how do we grow up to realize that?   A  By shifting your thinking. You need knowledge. Read books. Listen to lectures. Reflect over what you have read or listeed to. Make it your own. Live it bit by bit. You will get there.

Question 31

Qs -  I tried to love one of my enemy according to your advice through your lecture but when ever I listen or think he cheated some of pore people than my effort goes opposite .I can't decide what is my duty ? I could help the poor by punishing him or I could love him by overlooking his bad work against poor. Ans -  You are not the conscience keeper of the world. You are also doing wrong. Focus on correcting yourself. Then the world automatically will correct itself. Leave him alone and start working on self improvement. If you have to correct him do it objectively without being judgmental.

Question 30

  Q  How to give up possessiveness?   A  Study the scriptures. Gain knowledge of the higher. Understand the truths of life. Realise that nothing is yours. Then how can you be possessive of things that do not belong to you?

Question 29

  Q  Can u define what exactly "material life" stand for ??   A  Material success is money and all that it can buy.

Question 28

  Q  What about people taking without our giving? Are we enriched even then ?   A  If people take from you when you do not want to give it is not giving. Giving is not just physical giving. It is having a deep urge to want to share, give, contribute.

Question 27

Qs -  What if someone does not have any goal or even a dream and lives one day at a time to the fullest? Can that be considered as a goal? Ans -  If you are self centered and lack a higher vision you will not gain power. Expand your vision. Be inspired by a higher goal. Then you can break down that goal into smaller tasks and focus on the tasks for the day.

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