Question 26

  Q  When people talk about "thought less state"is that still same or different? What is the difference between Meditation and Samadhi? Thanks!!   A  Thoughtless state is the state of Realisation which comes after meditation.

Question 25

Q  What are your thoughts on preachings of buddha, bahai, siddhas as their belief in soul, karma, reincarnation differs from interpretations of holy gita? A  The essential philosophy of all religions and paths is the same. Different prophets taught it differently to suit their particular audiences and the times they lived in.

Question 24

  Q  There is one very strange almost forgotten desire of someones fulfilled( which is not materialistic but about sole)by grace of God. my question is--- it happens finally bcz really deserve fulfill that desire?   A  Yes if your desire gets fulfilled it is because you deserve it. You would have got it even without desiring!

Question 23

Qs - Sometimes I wonder, what initiated this SPIRIT combining with matter, become this big creation including human beings (the way I understand), who caught up in karma, birth death cycle; forgetting the true nature that one is part of Spirit, and then desiring to know one self, get out of this cycle, reaching for some who they already are. Can we understand this whole phenomenon? Is this the nature of spirit? Ans -  You can understand only after you get to Spirit. The truth is that Spirit never combined with matter. The whole thing is an illusion.

Question 22

  Q  The thoughts comes from mind & if I decides ' I will not let the negative thoughts come in my mind ' or ' I will not let my mind agitate', then who is "I" here? is it call "Atman" who want to control our mind, heart, senses?   A  It is intellect that controls the mind and the senses.

Question 21

  Q  How do you find purpose of your life and discipline yourself to pursue it?   A  Use your intellect. Think. Reflect. Gain knowledge. You will find your purpose.

Question 20

  Q  Who is a true/real brahmin? I personally know many sharmas/dwadi who are flesheaters and alcoholics..   Ans - Brahman is God. A Brahmin is a highly sattvika person, not the son of a so called Brahmin. A true Brahmin is a highly evolved person.

Question 19

  Q  What about me crucifying you ?   A  Your body can be injured but your mind can't be hurt by anyone except yourself. Pain is a given. Suffering is your choice.

Question 18

  Q  How can we calm the mind? is it possible to sharpen the intellect ?   A  Yes it is possible to do both. Gain knowledge of how to do it and implement it.

Question 17

  Q  What is the major difference between the mind and intellect? How can we develop our intellect.   A  Mind is the irrational aspect, the realm of emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes. Intellect is the rational aspect which reasons, discriminates, reasons, analyses. You develop the intellect by thinking on higher values given in Vedanta. Daily study of Vedanta is a must for development of the intellect.

Question 16

Qs - How to live free from politics at work place. Ans - If you are not vulnerable to gossip, office politics will not affect you. It bothers you only when you are at that level. Rise above it and focus on your work and contribution. The best of people were unconcerned with others opinions.

Question 15

  Q Isn't that another expectation from word?   A  You do not expect it. It happens. You neither want it nor do you depend on it. Obstacles to wealth are obsession for wealth that drives you to activity and craving for the fruit of your action.

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