Gita Dhyana Shlokas – Verse 4

Translation  All the Upanishads are the cows, the milker is Krsna the cowherd, Partha is the calf, those of pure intellect are the enjoyers and the supreme nectar, Gita, is the milk. […]

Gita Dhyana Shlokas – Verse 5

Translation I bow to Krsna, the guru of the universe, the divine son of Vasudeva, killer of Kamsa and Canura, the supreme bliss of Devaki. […]

Gita Dhyana Shlokas – Verse 6

Translation The battle river whose banks were Bhisma and Drona, Jayadratha its waters, King of Gandhara the blue water lily, Salya the shark, Krpa the current, Karna the breakers, Asvatthama and Vikarna terrible crocodiles, Duryodhana the whirlpool, was crossed over by the Pandavas with Kesava as the boatman. […]

Gita Dhyana Shlokas – Verse 7

Translation May the stainless lotus of the Mahabharata blossomed fully by the instructions on Hari, with the Gita’s message as its sweet fragrance, growing on the lake of Parasara’s son’s words, with many legends as its stamens, the destroyer of the evils of Kali Yuga, delightfully partaken day after day by the bees of good and pure people of the world, give sreya (supreme good) to us. […]

Gita Dhyana Shlokas – Verse 8

Translation   I worship the all-blissful Madhava whose grace enables the dumb to be eloquent and the cripple climb mountains.   Here the author describes the power of spirituality, its potency and its ability to change our lives. When we practice karma yoga, bhakti yoga and jnana yoga we are able to rise above our little self. We are able to do things we thought impossible before. We find that we are no longer fettered and shackled by our own little desires, vasanas, pettiness and trivial pre-occupations in life. […]

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