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Vivek Vaidyanathan has won the 1st prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bhaidas Auditorium, Mumbai for writing this piece.


‘Life is Beautiful’ .This is a movie based on events that took place in the life of a man during world war II.But, what does this have to do with anything? The question is obvious, but the answer is simple. Even when life becomes miserable, faith in one’s own self and hard work can instill hope. This is what the movie depicts.

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Rati Dady Wadia has won the 1st prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.


I attended the Guru Purnima lecture on the 9th of July, 2011, given by Jaya Row at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on Relationships – Discord to Accord.


Jaya is my student and I am extremely proud of her. Every year I try to attend the Guru Purnima lecture and meet her and exchange a couple of sentences of memories of school days, and each time she offers to come down from her platform but I refuse, and tell her she is the Guru not I at that point of time.

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Guest Article


Shakun Narain Kimatrai has won the 2nd prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.



In today's world?

Where the cookie crumbles even before one has had time to savor it?

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Adil F. Rangoonwalla has won the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest for the month of March for writing this piece.
Congratulations Adil!


Today we experience more stress, anxiety, aggressiveness and disturbance than ever before. Even happy persons face many problems in life. Talking things over with family and friends brings temporary relief but not permanent change. Perfect self-management can come under special conditions. These special conditions are created when we align our intellect with a superior intellect. To think of things we ourselves can never think of! To become what we never hoped to be. This is the miracle we must perform as the finest creation of God. Instead, we give in to negativity. We crib and blame others. We even blame God for our problems. This is probably what led Voltaire to say: "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him!"

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Guest Article


Manish Sidhpura has won the 1st prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.


Recently I was fortunate to attend a series of lectures on Chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Gita, the chapter on the Path of Devotion or Bhakti Yoga. I say fortunate because it is during these lectures that I learnt about a brilliant life transformational tool: “surrender”.

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Guest Article


Poornima Aggarwal has won the 2nd prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.


In recent years, when I questioned what "being related" meant, memories of years spent at my grandparents' home fought for priority. In their dictionary, " Being Related " definitely meant "feeling a connection of oneness with another."

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Guest Article


Kavita Jhaveri has won the 3rd prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.


A mind which is filled with desires knows no bar. It keeps reaching further frontiers for material wants. When the mind craves for sensual indulgence, it becomes agitated. An agitated mind can never concentrate. Mind which is not controlled and guided by the intellect blindly follows the senses. A mind needs to be well prepared and trained for meditation. Only a well prepared mind can concentrate and use the technique of meditation to progress spiritually. Success in meditation depends on preparation and equanimity of the mind. If an agitated mind is forced to meditate the person tends to develop frustration and the mind instead of evolving only deteriorates.

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Guest Article




V Nagarajan from Kolkata has won the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest for the month of October for writing this piece.
Congratulations Nagarajan!


Attention with awareness has its benefits. The raindrop on the window sill looks fuller. The silence after the rains feels like a blessing. It is the inner bliss reflected in outer perfection.

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A New Beginning Print E-mail

Guest Article by Solange Suri

I had a paradigm shift yesterday. I realised that we go through life asking the wrong questions. We look outside for answers to what constitutes right and wrong.

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MI: Mind Intellect Print E-mail

Guest Article by Abhishek Thakore

The chariot of my life, was driven by my mind

Slumbering lay my intellect, making me internally blind

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Guest Article by Robin Pupneja, New Delhi

I would consider 'turning spiritual' as my biggest achievement because my whole attitude towards life has changed. I constantly strive to be a better human being. I have started looking inwards and realized that there are so many things which can be worked upon to improve myself as a person.

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Feature written by Rama Tandon

Guy meets girl. They fall in love. A beautiful relationship begins. Somewhere along the way, something goes wrong. Suddenly, his temper becomes annoying. Her stubbornness irritates him. And the relationship becomes more an issue of tolerating rather than loving. Weren't these qualities present before? Is there something wrong with them? Was it his fault or hers? Was it anyone's fault at all? These are experiences we come across every now and then. Tales of two wonderful people but a not so wonderful ending.


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Celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Sharavan, Raksha Bandhan is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of India.

It is a day that symbolises the sacred relationship between a brother and sister. Literally translated, raksha means protection while bandhan means bond. Raksha Bandhan, therefore, signifies the bond of love out which comes a sense of security and protection.

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As Indians, we are often asked how we worship an elephant-headed, pot-bellied, broken-tusked god who travels on a mouse. But as strange as it seems, every little peculiarity of Lord Ganesha's has a deep spiritual significance. As we go along in this article, we will look at the meaning of this symbolic representation of Lord Ganesha. Before we do, however, let's take a look at Lord Ganesha's mythological origin.

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One of the cornerstones of a spiritual seeker's journey is seva , service. Seva goes much beyond actual service. It is an attitude. When we work in a spirit of seva , we think about what we can give in any interaction rather than what we can gain from it.

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You've met her for the first time at your friend's party. She's a bit quiet and not as well-dressed as you. She seems to lack the ‘finesse' that most of your friends usually have and, here's the clincher, she speaks when her mouth is full of food! Meanwhile, in the back of your head you're thinking, ‘Maybe this isn't the kind of person I want to be around too much.'

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Guest Article by Vibha Kagzi

And then it hit me, with the softness of a thousand rose petals. The plain, simple truth stared me in the face. It shook up my premise of existence, attacking, questioning its very foundation. A foundation built of complexities and confusion. It disentangled my thoughts, as I resisted, relentlessly relinquishing my past convictions.

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