A New Beginning Print E-mail

Guest Article by Solange Suri

I had a paradigm shift yesterday. I realised that we go through life asking the wrong questions. We look outside for answers to what constitutes right and wrong.


We read books, watch films, observe people we admire and take their word as the gospel truth. Always conforming, never questioning. And in the bargain, never exercising our own intellect, our own reasoning power. That one gift that each of us has.

We seek security in commonality rather than in individuality. Our need for certainty is so strong that we believe there must be a handbook somewhere that has clear definitions of right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral. We seek this clarified distinction in religious texts, godmen, philosophers and teachers. Almost always we come out disillusioned, our questions unanswered, and worse still, when all hypocrisies are revealed, we come back to the sureness of our impulses, back to the realm of the mind. There's a set pattern there, an established landscape, and it definitely seems more certain, more true, more pragmatic and less pretentious.

The problem stems from a lack of awareness which breeds self-doubt resulting in a lack of conviction. After yesterday's class, I felt a heightened awareness, a small sense of liberation, as if one knot in my consciousness had been untied and unravelled.

This piece has been written by Solange Suri, a participant at the recently concluded Vedanta (SF) 2 Program in Mumbai. Solange is an educator and teaches at a university in Mumbai.