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Intellect: Password to success
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A Harvard University study indicates that in achieving success only 15% is contributed by information, while 85% is contributed by attitude. Yet 100% of modern education is focused only on facts and figures!

Vedanta, the science of self-management, focuses on attitude, the inner working of the mind. It hones our skills. Helps re-engineer our inner personality. The higher the achievement, the more crucial is the role played by the mind. At the top, the mind alone separates a great hopeful from the great achiever.


The enigma of fluent, peak performance is unsolved in the West. To excel, we need intense concentration, clarity of thought, alertness, quick feedback, and a fine balance of skills and challenges. In short, we need a combination of a tranquil mind and a sharp intellect. The best among us usually have just the opposite – an agitated mind and a dull intellect. Vedanta prescribes the method by which we can attain this combination.