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The Bhagavad Gita invites you to partake of the power of devotion, bhakti. Modern life magnifies the boundaries that keep you in a state of separateness. Vedanta draws you to experience a vitality greater than your own. It takes you from a deeply entrenched position of antagonism to one of concern, understanding and respect. With Vedanta you move from a feeling of isolation to communication with others. And finally to communion with the Divine. You become God.

Bhakti is not praying for things you are unwilling to work for. It is an acknowledgement of nature’s bounty.
Bhakti is not murti puja, idol worship. It is adoration of the murtis created by God.
Bhakti is not denouncement of those who follow other faiths. It is acceptance of the diversity of viewpoints that converge to Realisation.
Bhakti is not assertion of your will against God’s. It is submission to God’s will.

Bhakti is not exclusive allegiance to a particular deity or prophet. It is inclusive love for all beings.


In an orchestra you see the power of synergy. In the warm-up session each artiste practises his piece separately. The result is cacophony, not symphony. When the show begins the conductor draws sweet melody from the same musicians. What was noise becomes exquisite music. Similarly we are all players in the orchestra of life. Align with the Divine conductor and you bring out the melody of life.


Magic of Oneness

You admire yourself in different mirrors because you see all images as reflections of yourself. Similarly in the mirror of life all beings are reflections of your very own Self. A bhakta admires himself in all beings. He exults in their achievements, shares in their sorrow.


Isolation – Communication - Communion

When you are body-centric you see maximum differences. You feel inimical towards others. As you identify with the mind you begin to see unison within the family. When you identify with your intellect you feel harmonious with a much larger group. Finally when you align with the Spirit you see all beings as a part of you, not apart from you. You see Divinity.


Love Heralds Success

Love fosters understanding. A mother instinctively knows what her infant child needs even without verbal communication. A doctor who feels for his patients develops the knack of correctly diagnosing diseases. A marketer with genuine concern for his customer knows exactly what the customer needs. Thus love makes for success.


Team Spirit

Love enables you to zero in on the good and gloss over the bad. When you operate from goodness you contact the good in others. You create a wonderful team of people, all of whom give of their best.


Devotion Leads to Realisation

Desire and ego block your vision of Reality. Bind you to the world of finitude and limitation. When you align with the Lord you get purified of both desire and ego. Your attention shifts from thought-of-self to thought-of-God. God takes precedence over the individuality. With constant focus on the Lord you become meditative. Meditation removes the last traces of desire and you merge with God.


Arjuna’s Dilemma

Arjuna is not sure which path to follow – the Path of Devotion or the Path of Knowledge. Whether to worship a form or the formless Reality. The chapter begins with Arjuna’s query to Krsna – which of the two is superior? Krsna answers – both paths lead to Realisation. However form worship is best suited for emotional people like Arjuna, while intellectuals take to formless worship.


35 Qualities of a Bhakta

The chapter ends with a brilliant enumeration of the 35 qualities of a devotee. A guide to all spiritual aspirants. The test of spiritual development.


So explore the world of unity among diversity. Realise the power of One that lies within you. And the world is yours.