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Have you ever wondered why all the technology and scientific development are being used to create human suffering rather than enhance human happiness? Bertrand Russell says this happens because there is a race between human skill and human folly.

So far the human race has survived because human skills had not developed enough to pose a threat. Today skills have developed but human folly remains.

Technology and competence have given us power but to use them constructively we need knowledge, values, to fall back on. This is where Vedanta Vision steps in. The ancient values laid down by the thinkers and researchers in the past. Cutting edge technology pertaining to the human personality.


In these troubled times with economic gloom, war and disaster looming large Vedanta, the science of human perfection, helps you to move upward in a downturn! It puts you in a positive frame of mind. Makes you optimistic. Because it deals with a resource that is not only available in abundance but is entirely under your control - the human being. Yourself.