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It has helped him de-stress about studies emphasizing that the true value of lies on good inner qualities.

Safia Birya


"Vedanta Vision" is really an "Eye" Opener.

Malvika Ajay Sahjwani


This course teaches the child to grow up with all the values which are imp to be a good human at home, in society and everywhere

Asfia Zaheer Darvesh


This course has increased his confidence. He is now trying to take his own decisions and I am happy about it.

Falguni Chirag Shah


He has started helping in the house in day-to-day work and has become quite an obedient child

Harsha Shroff


This course has been really useful to my child, as it has instilled qualities of self independence, respect, gratitude and others which are required as the main aspect for the well being of a good and thoughtful citizen.

Sonal. J . Shah


Apart from the routine education, my child has started learning real values of life. Now he is looking more grown up and mature.

Yogesh .V. Ruparel


My child can make the right decisions. She is improved in her daily work habits. She rarely fights with her brother.

Sukhprit Singh Chadha


My child who was an impatient child has become patient now. She makes better choices than before.

Shiwani . K. Chowksi


My child has improved in daily work habits. Now she does not fight with her brother for small reasons. She is taking the right decisions from now onwards.

Aneri Mehta


It has helped her as she now sees the good in others also has learnt to share with her cousins also has learnt to value her friendship.

Mrs. Rhea .M. Multani


It has helped her to learn values and be calm in choices which are tough to make. Helped her to reduce hatred in her enemies.

Heena .N. Shah


This course helped my child in various ways. It helped her to make right decision and to make a perfect choice.

Mona Vakharia


My child is more confident. She is now clear about what her goal is in her life. Certainly it has helped her to take time and think about how to handle life as a whole.

Purnima Singh


Question: How has this course helped your child?
It has helped her gain confidence that we could see even after 2 sessions. More clarity on right and wrong.

Kiran Patel


Awareness of concepts viz sattva, rajas, tamas etc.
Re-iteration of values they have been taught.
By exposing them to higher thoughts beyond art/craft, sports etc., they hopefully begin a meaningful spiritual journey.

Aditi Parikh


Initially he was a little shy to communicate with a person he doesn’t know. But now, I see the change in his confidence level.

Leela Kulkarni


After joining this course she became more confident, mature, understanding. She is moving towards becoming more sattvik. Initially she didn’t want to come to the course, but later she enjoyed

it so much that she was eagerly waiting for the next session.

Col. & Mrs. Shobha Thonge


They didn’t want to attend this course in the beginning. But they were focused to complete it. I think the results of the course will slowly evolve in their nature.

Shruti Jatia