Q  How do you classify the role of Gandhari. Was it her fault that a person like Duryodhana was born as her son? Should she have loved such a child? Having loved Duryodhana does Gandhari becomes a sinner? In general how much parents are to be blamed for the faults of their children?


A  Gandhari represents the intellect. When the intellect gets infatuated with the mind it gets blinded. This is the meaning of Gandhari blinding herself after she married Dhrtarashtra who represents the mind and was born blind. A blinded intellect is unable to handle situations. So Gandhari’s mistake is in not transmitting the right values and not correcting her sons when they went wrong. If parents have low values they bring up their children without a sense of direction. They then go wrong. The role of parents is to create a conducive environment in which positivity can grow. Beyond that the children are born with their own personalities which cannot be changed. In other words, a mango seed will grow into a mango tree. But it has to be provided with the right environment for it to grow well.