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Children enjoy playing with masks. The more distorted and grotesque the mask, the greater the thrill. The secret of their amusement is the fact that they know the masks are different from them. They are immune to the aberrations of the masks.

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The Bhagavad Gita invites you to partake of the power of devotion, bhakti. Modern life magnifies the boundaries that keep you in a state of separateness. Vedanta draws you to experience a vitality greater than your own by identifying with the whole rather than just your little self. It takes you from a deeply entrenched position of antagonism to one of concern, understanding and respect. With Vedanta you move from a feeling of isolation to communication with others. And finally to communion with the Divine. You become God.

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Arjuna has heard of Krsna’s divine glories in chapter ten. He now wants to see for himself the one universal Form containing the whole of creation. He asks Krsna to reveal his splendour. Krsna readily grants his wish. However, He tells Arjuna that he would not see this Form with normal eyes and gives him divine eyes with which the universal Form would be visible. In other words, this is no ordinary perception, it is a visualisation. Thus, only two people – Arjuna and Sanjaya - saw this vision in the battlefield of Kuruksetra which had thousands of warriors. They were granted this extraordinary sight by Krsna and Vyasa respectively.

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Brahman, God, pervades the whole universe and exists beyond it as well, in Its pristine Glory. Thus there are two dimensions to Brahman – the pure, unmanifested aspect that cannot be conceived by the human intellect and the manifested aspect which expresses as the myriad glories in the world. Krsna begins by pointing towards the unmanifest, transcendent facet. Even the gods and great sages do not know this aspect as Atman is not an object of comprehension. It is the very subject enabling you to understand. It is unborn, without beginning and the substratum of the universe. One who knows the yoga and vibhuti realises the Self - one who understands Brahman and how exactly It manifests in the world knows all that needs to be known. He is the Enlightened One.

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