Unleash the Power of Sharing!



Are you looking for a cause to support? Life presents various avenues to serve, care and share. Vedanta Trust gives you a wonderful opportunity to transform your life by the power of giving. “Give to Gain” is the law of life. The more you give, the more you gain.


Vedanta Trust is dedicated to enriching the lives of people across the world by helping them tap into the enormous potential that lies within them. We spread the knowledge of Vedanta by running several innovative programs. Jaya Row speaks to all sections of society on the Bhagavad Gita and other Vedantic texts in a contemporary manner. She conducts seminars and workshops for corporate executives to help enhance productivity and excellence.


We have a unique course to guide young minds to Excellence – SF2 PROGRAM – Strong Foundations Successful Futures. There is also a specially designed course for school children, EF2 PROGRAM – EARLY FOUNDATIONS EXCELLENT FUTURES, that is being conducted in schools. We have a volunteer enrichment program, a renewed website and many more creative plans for spreading the knowledge of Vedanta. Your contribution will go a long way in not just preserving the invaluable culture of India but alleviating the unnecessary suffering of humanity.


Ways in which you can give:


1. Give a fragment of your income to enrich people’s lives: Donate to VEDANTA TRUST, a registered charitable trust with Income Tax Exemption under Section 80G. Click here
2. Help educate a child on values. Sponsor their enrolment for the (EF)2 Program Early Foundations Excellent Futures – at Rs 3000/- per head. Click here
3. Help educate a youth on values. Sponsor their enrolment for the (SF)2 Program Strong Foundations Successful Futures – at Rs 2000/- per head. Click here
4. Contribute to the maintenance and expansion of Vedanta Vision website. Click here
5. Give an advertisement in our Souvenir. This will help educate people of all ages on basic human values.
6. Give your effort: Help organise a lecture/ seminar/youth program in your city or organization.
7. Give your time: Offer your services at our office or in your city towards the various activities of Vedanta Trust.
8. Give your skills: You can volunteer your services in the field of your expertise.
9. Give your knowledge: Enrol for the Teacher Training Program in Mumbai.